We love Nespresso coffee, but we always had a hard time finding the right size coffee cups for the lungo-sized coffee. If we were lucky, we’d find a nice mug at an art fair, hand made by a potter.

We scour the web to try to find a variety of cups that will fit in your Nespresso machine, hold the right amount of coffee, and maybe even have a little personality!

Many of the cups here are from Zazzle.com, because they offer a perfect lungo-sized mug — which is the white mug that you see with custom art on this website. This mug also is customizable, so you can add your name or business logo to them, or just create your own! The 6-ounce mug is just right if your Nespresso settings are still at a factory lungo, which is 3.75 ounces. Or, if you’ve adjusted the setting to add a little more water, you’ve still got some room here. But, please be advised, if you’ve adjusted your lungo setting to be more than 5.5 ounces, you may find this mug to be too small.

I want to go.... Instagram version

Our favorite lungo cup!

If the mug you’re considering is ceramic and styled like the one to the left, and if the text indicates the mug is available at Zazzle, then you’re probably looking at a 6-ounce mug. Check the tag on the entry to be sure, or be sure to read the specs before ordering.

The quality of this mug is good, and the customization is great! You can change the styles you see on this site by adding your name, company logo, or other art. You can start from scratch and design your own mug!

All customization and order processing goes through Zazzle.com, so when you click an image of a lungo cup, you’ll be taken to Zazzle where you can customize and order. Zazzle handles all of the details: secure credit card processing, quick and safe shipping, returns — and they have excellent customer service.

Not all mugs here are from Zazzle, though. Sometimes we find one that will work, so we post it. Like the Bodum glass cup (which is really nice, by the way!) That cup is larger — 8.5 ounces — so it’s better for those of you who’ve adjusted your Nespresso machine settings to add a little more water. You’ll like this mug if your lungo is about 6 ounces, there will be plenty of wiggle room once you remove your cup from the Nespresso machine. This mug is available through Amazon.com, another trusted e-commerce source.

No matter which source, I get a small commission from each mug you order — so thanks for shopping via this site!  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

We hope you’ll like your new lungo coffee mug! If you do, please spread the word, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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