Lungo Specs

Nespresso’s lungo-size coffee is factory set at 3.75 ounces, or 110.90 ml.

But it gets confusing, because Nespresso also publishes the following “tasting suggestions”:
Espresso Cup (2 oz/60 ml) and Lungo Cup (5 oz/140 ml) — even though 140 ml = 4.73 ounces.

From discussions on the topic and my personal observation, I think the lungo sweet spot is between 5 and 6 ounces. As an indicator, the classic Nespresso glass lungo cup is 150ml, which is 5.07 ounces — so that seems to validate Nespresso’s suggestion that you make your lungo about 5 ounces.

As you may know, you can adjust your Nespresso machine to re-calibrate the amount of water that goes into your lungo. That’s why we have several different capacity options in the mugs featured on this site. Most of the mugs we feature on are 7 ounces or 8 ounces, but you can use the “Capacity” drop-down menu above to find cups that fit your preferred lungo capacity size.

If you have a Essenza, you’ll want a cup that’s maximum 3 1/4″ tall to fit on the shelf while the coffee is dispensing. Pixie’s allow you to fold the shelf down, so you can use taller mugs as you dispense. There’s more detail about lungo cup specs on this page.

Lungo Nutritional Information:  Calories: 1, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 0g, Protein: 0g


Please feel free to post your preferred lungo size — let the rest of us know your preference, and maybe we can among us figure out the best lungo size!


Latte Specs

Making a latte? You’ll like Nespresso’s version, as it’s nice and strong:

  • 1 Vivalto lungo capsule, brewed to Nespresso factory lungo specs: 110 ml or 3.7 oz
  • 110 ml milk or 3.7 oz, frothed
  • Pour milk on top of lungo; total = 220 ml or 7.4 oz

(Personally, I like to pour the lungo into the milk and watch the milk rise out of my smaller lungo cups! )

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