The Nespresso Glass Lungo Cup

Nespresso Glass Lungo CupThis is the glass you see in all of the Nespresso images… it makes for a beautiful lungo, doesn’t it? Looks especially tempting as the last drop of coffee bounces into the cup — or when George Clooney is holding it!

George Clooney Holds Nespresso Glass Expresso Cup

George Clooney holds the smaller, espresso version.

This cup is a little difficult to find online. That’s because it’s a little buried at’s US site. You have to log in to the Nespresso Club area first, then navigate through to the “Accessories.”

If you’re visiting from the U.K., this is probably sold out there, so try ordering from the U.S. site through links here.

Cup specs:
• Tempered glass
• 150 ml, 5.07 ounces
• Approximately 3″ high (according to a Nespresso rep who measured in the Nespresso office kitchen!)
• Saucer is bicolor  black and charcoal, made of melamine

Set of 2 with saucers: $21.00.  Order now from the Nespresso Club.

Trouble seeing the cups at this link? It might be because you’re not yet a Nespresso member. Try this link to establish a Nespresso account. Once you log into your account, come back to this page and click the link again and it should take you to the glass lungo cup ordering page.

[Note: links from this page open in a new browser to help you find this page again, if you have to re-click after logging into the Nespresso Club. Sorry for the user-experience hiccups!]

If none of this works, try searching eBay for a seller who has these, or similar, cups available!


Lavazza Cup Set

Lavazza Cup SetOK, we know this is crazy. After all, you’re brand is Nespresso, so why drink Nespresso from a Lavazza cup? Well, if you like coffee, then you probably know and appreciate the Italian brand coffee, Lavazza. And maybe you’re like us, and you like to travel, too.

If that’s the case, then this coffee mug can bring back some nice travel memories as  you sip your favorite Nespresso lungo!

Another thing about this mug is the size: it’s 4 ounces. That’s just about as small as a mug can get to fit Nespresso’s factory lungo setting of 3.75 ounces. So, if you’ve altered your settings, or if you like your lungos with a little more water, then this mug will be too small.This is for those of you who really like a small/short, rich coffee.

Comes in a set of 6 cups and saucers. $23.99 at time of post.

Available at