Teaology Glass Coffee Cup

Teaology Glass Coffee CupThis cup is really similar to the Bodum double-walled glass coffee cup — but this is made by Teaology. I don’t know much about this cup, but some Nespresso lovers have used it, but not yet reviewed it.

It is 3 inches tall, just like the Bodum, so it will fit under the Nespresso Essenza spout — no hands required! These double-walled, glass cups are really beautiful for showing off the rich Nespresso coffee — and you’ll love watching the coffee being dispensed into this cup– what a show!

This cup holds 6.75 ounces, so it’s a good lungo sizes, especially if you tend to add a little more water than the factory stetting, whic is 3.75 ounces.


  • 6.75oz/200ml perfect for tea/coffee or cold beverages and cocktails
  • 100% Borosilicate Glass
  • High Heat Resistance
  • Set of 2
  • Measures 3″ wide and 3″ tall

$14.95 for 2  — order from Amazon.com.


Jack by LaCafetiere Double-Walled Cappuccino Glasses

Jack by LaCafetiere 6-Ounce Double Walled Cappuccino Glasses

LaCafetiere says these cups are 3.5″ high, which is just, just the maximum height to fit under an Essenza spout. The 6-ounce version is a good size for a Nespresso lungo, which is factory set for 3.75 ounces, especially if you re-set your machine to add just a little more water!

A set of 2 of these double-walled, glass cups is $14.99 from Amazon, where reviews indicate that this is an “excellent” cup.

Here’s a review from “uniq”:

Excellent glasses, but quite thin and seem fragile. I wonder if they are not thicker due to a bit tricky construction, but I use and like them. Just the right size for my new Nespresso Pixie…

  • Hand crafted of strong but lightweight borosilicate glass
  • Handwash recommended
  • 6-ounce capacity, but also available in 4-ounce and 9-ounce sizes
  • Double walled construction creates the looks of your beverage floating while keeping your drinks either hot or cold longer

Set of 2,  $14.99  —  Order now from Amazon.com.

La Rochere Arum 8.5 oz. Coffee Mug

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 9.40.05 AM

This French glass coffee cup will make your lungos look even more tempting than they smell! It makes for a great show as the coffee is being dispensed!

Be advised: this cup is 3.75″ tall, so it will not easily fit under your Essenza machine without tipping the mug. If you’re looking for a glass that fits under the Essenza without tipping, I recommend the Bodum 8-ounce double-wall model or the 4.7-ounce Bodum.

This cup holds 8 ounces, so if you like your lungos on the larger side, you may prefer a cup this size. Nespresso’s factory settings are set at 3.75 ounces for a lungo.

$44.79 for set of 6from Wayfair.com

Nespresso CitiZ Glass Espresso Cups

Nespresso Citiz Glass Espresso Cup

This beautiful glass espresso cup is designed by Nespresso, so of course it’s gorgeous! It’s part of Nespresso’s CitiZ collection, which features a machine, cups and several accessories.

These hand-blown, double-walled glasses keep your shot of espresso warm while showing off the beauty of the Nespresso coffee. You’ll love just looking at the deep, rich brown coffee topped by a dense crema!

We’re offering this as a set of 4 espresso cups via Amazon.com, where this qualifies for Prime shipping.

Each cup holds 80 ml, or 2.7 oz. So, it’s not a lungo size, but it’s still a good cup for your collection!

$79.99 for a set of 4order now from Amazon.com.

4 Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Cups

Comes in a set of 4

“Funky gorgeous!” double-walled cup

Curva Artisan Double-Walled Glass Cups

These super stylish, handmade, double-walled glass cups come to us from Ozeri, a design firm that specializes in modern homes. This cup set features four distinctly different designs, each with its own curve style that’s set within an insulated double wall to not only show off its design, but also to keep your hands cool when you’re drinking your hot Nespresso lungo! Since these cups are thermo, they also are free of condensation when you use them for chilled beverages.

As one reviewer put it, these cups are “funky gorgeous!”

The cup stands at about 3.5″ tall, which means it will just fit on your Nespresso Essenza machine without having to hold the cup in place while your lungo dispenses.

Like the Bodum double-walled glass cups, these are also on the fragile side, so it’s best not to put them in the dishwasher — even though the manufacturer says you can, and also offers a one-year warranty. Treat it gently, and each will delight you and your guests with a funky lungo shape.

$32.95 for set of 4 at Amazon.com.

4 Ozeri Double Walled Cups with Beverages

For hot or cold beverages

4 Ozeri Double-Walled Lungo oCups

4 Different Cups

Ozeri Glass Cup Box

Box set

Bodum 5-ounce Lungo Cup

Bodum 5 oz Lungo Cup

A favorite for lungo fans, this Bodum 5-ounce cup is a great cup for your Nespresso lungo, or a double-shot of espresso. We love Bodum cups because they make the coffee look as good as it tastes! The double-walled glass is meticulously engineered to keep the outside wall comfortable to hold, while the insulation and inside cup keeps your coffee hot.

If you like your lungos with a little more water, then you may need a cup with a larger capacity. Use the Categories to the right, or the “Capacity” navigation at the top of this page, to find the size that’s right for you. Nespresso machines are factory set at 3.75 ounces, so for most of you, this 5-ounce capacity should be plenty.

The size is just right to fit in your Nespresso machines, even the Essenzas and Citiz.

Bodum says these are dishwasher safe, but be careful. Lots of reviewers who’ve purchased Bodum double-walled cups find they are sensitive.  If you have any experience with Bodum cups for your lungos, please post here. We’d all love to hear from you!

Set of 2: $26.22  Available from WayFair.com.

[See all Bodum cups at LungoCups.com.]

The Nespresso Glass Lungo Cup

Nespresso Glass Lungo CupThis is the glass you see in all of the Nespresso images… it makes for a beautiful lungo, doesn’t it? Looks especially tempting as the last drop of coffee bounces into the cup — or when George Clooney is holding it!

George Clooney Holds Nespresso Glass Expresso Cup

George Clooney holds the smaller, espresso version.

This cup is a little difficult to find online. That’s because it’s a little buried at Nespresso.com’s US site. You have to log in to the Nespresso Club area first, then navigate through to the “Accessories.”

If you’re visiting from the U.K., this is probably sold out there, so try ordering from the U.S. site through links here.

Cup specs:
• Tempered glass
• 150 ml, 5.07 ounces
• Approximately 3″ high (according to a Nespresso rep who measured in the Nespresso office kitchen!)
• Saucer is bicolor  black and charcoal, made of melamine

Set of 2 with saucers: $21.00.  Order now from the Nespresso Club.

Trouble seeing the cups at this link? It might be because you’re not yet a Nespresso member. Try this link to establish a Nespresso account. Once you log into your account, come back to this page and click the link again and it should take you to the glass lungo cup ordering page.

[Note: links from this page open in a new browser to help you find this page again, if you have to re-click after logging into the Nespresso Club. Sorry for the user-experience hiccups!]

If none of this works, try searching eBay for a seller who has these, or similar, cups available!