La Rochere Arum 8.5 oz. Coffee Mug

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 9.40.05 AM

This French glass coffee cup will make your lungos look even more tempting than they smell! It makes for a great show as the coffee is being dispensed!

Be advised: this cup is 3.75″ tall, so it will not easily fit under your Essenza machine without tipping the mug. If you’re looking for a glass that fits under the Essenza without tipping, I recommend the Bodum 8-ounce double-wall model or the 4.7-ounce Bodum.

This cup holds 8 ounces, so if you like your lungos on the larger side, you may prefer a cup this size. Nespresso’s factory settings are set at 3.75 ounces for a lungo.

We’re sorry, but this item is no longer available.

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