illy Demitasse Stirrers

Illy Demitasse Stirrers

The first time you ever saw these “baby spoons,” you probably laughed so hard that milk squirted out your nose! But we’re a lot more sophisticated now then we were as kids, and now we understand these are “stirrers,” not spoons. And they’re perfect for the best coffees: espressos and lungos. Plunk in a cube or two of sugar (brown is especially good), three or four stirs, lightly tap the stirrer on the side of your cup, and vois là!

These especially nice espresso stirrers come from illy. Since you’re at this site, I’m assuming you know that illy is top-notch coffee. And you’re probably a fan of Illy coffee bars and cafes. [Feel free to wax on about your favorite in the comments area below.]

Now, about these stirrers… you can get them directly from illy . They’ll set you back about $30 for a set of six (at time of this post). You’ll appreciate the delicate design and stainless steel construction (sounds great for that final tap against your espresso cup.)

$30 for set of 6Order now from illy.

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