Colorful, stackable espresso cups

Stackable Espresso Cups

This is the first cup I used with my first Nespresso shot. I’m sure you’re thinking it’s nutty to remember something like that, but that’s the truth. Of course, when you consider how vivid the colors of these espresso cups are, and the handy — and cute — stackable design, well, it’s easy to see how this can be memorable.

So, I had to track them down and make them available here.

These are ceramic espresso cups — too small for lungos, but of course, fine for espressos. They are 2.4″ tall, so there’s no problem fitting under the Essenza spout. They’re durable, but not cumbersome. Dishwasher safe.

See similar white stackable lungo cups here.

Set of 6 — $23.99

Available from Amazon.