Limited Edition Crealto Capsules

Nespresso Crealto Capsules

This espresso capsule is one of Nespresso’s limited editions; it registers at an 8 intensity. I’ve tried this capsule, and I found it pleasant and strong. Limited editions come out twice a year, in the spring and fall. This blend was introduced in the fall of 2012.

Here’s Nespresso’s description:

A blend of washed Arabicas, Crealto is roasted very slowly at a low temperature. This technique, inspired by the know-how of the Nespresso coffee experts and the chef Mauro Colagreco, reveals roasted notes of surprising roundness and long-lasting finish.

Origin: 100% Arabicas from Central and South America and Indonesia (El Salvador, Colombia, Indonesia)

Roasting: Split roasting. Salvador coffee is roasted at standard conditions to deliver the mildness of the profile while the Colombia and Java are coffees that can support longer roasting time without acquiring charcoal or burnt notes.

Aromatic Profile: Intensely roasted (with cereal sedy, malted and woody) notes.

Pack of 10  Order now from

[Note that these capsules are less expensive if you order directly from Nespresso. But, if you don’t have an account, or if you’re ordering from an iPad, this is difficult to impossible.]

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