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It’s time to get a Nespresso machine for the office, don’t you think?

Illy pods for Nespresso machines!

It seems too good to be true, but it is true: illy will be selling pods compatible in Nespresso machines. Now Nespresso fans can have that great Italian coffee in a perfect Nespresso press.

For now, we only know that the pods are scheduled to be available in the U.S. in the beginning of 2019. The capsules will be aluminum, like Nespresso’s, so it’s possible that we can recycle them the same way we recycle Nespresso’s pods. In addition to Nespresso machines, the pods also will work in Delonghi and Breville espresso machines.

Peet's Nespresso-compatible coffee pods.

Until the illy brand becomes available, try these Peet’s Nespresso-compatible pods.

The pods will be made by JAB, a big coffee conglomerate that sells 10% of the world’s coffee. Nestlé sells more than twice the coffee JAB sells, at 23%. JAB owns Peet’s coffee, Keurig Greem Mountain, Krispy Kreme, and a slew of other companies.

Ever since Nespresso lost its patent protection for the pods, many companies have offered compatibles. We don’t see too many here in the U.S., but they are readily available in groceries in Europe. Amazon sells this Bestpresso brand pod that’s Nespresso compatible. I haven’t tried it myself, but it gets 4.5 stars with over 2,000 reviews.

It will be great to see illy pods available in my local grocery! This post will be updated once the pods become available.

If you find that your machine is making your lungos too weak, it may not be the coffee, but may be the machine’s settings: You may want to calibrate your Nespresso machine’s settings to restore them to the original, factory espresso and lungo sizes.



Nespresso’s new VirtuoLine

Nespresso's new VirtuoLine coffee maker

Nespresso has finally given in to American and Canadian coffee preferences — larger cups of coffee! This completely re-modeled Nespresso machine has a new pod size and shape — the pods are much larger, and rounder — to complement the larger brew — up to 17 ounces.

It’s an interesting approach: the machine lets you choose exactly how much coffee you want to brew, from .3 ounces to 17 ounces. This might take care of the nagging problem of constantly having to reset your Nespresso machine to get the capacity you want.

From the start, Nespresso’s got 12 grand cru coffee blends, including a very American half-caff!

The machines come in a variety of colors, including black, chrome and red. the style is Nespresso-like: clean, stylish, contemporary. If you purchase now, Sur la Table is bundling them with an Aeroccino for only $349, plus free shipping (at time of this post).

Shop the Brand New Nespresso VertuoLine   Buy at

Review of the New Lungo — Linizio

My first Linizio Lungo

My first Linizio Lungo

Update March 2: After some ordering delays due to our Midwest snow storms, I’m finally this morning drinking my first Linizio Lungo. Before I tell you my thoughts, a disclaimer: I’m not a coffee aficionado. I just like coffee, especially Nespresso. Here’s what I think about the new lungo: While brewing, the aroma was just as compelling as any coming out of my Essenza. The first sip revealed a new flavor that I’d call slightly citric. It’s definitely light. Very light. My husband used the words “mild” and “smooth,” but he aslo wondered why this would be marketed as a morning blend, when he prefers a more stout coffee in the morning. Now finishing my first cup, I agree with my husband when he call it “watery.” It tastes like I might have pushed the espresso button after making a lungo, just to get more water in the cup. I know people who do this — push twice every time they make a Nespresso.

So, if you’re a two-push Nespresso drinker, or if you like your lungos light, then you might like this new Linizio. If we never order more, I’ll certainly miss the beautiful orange capsule — good color, Nespresso!

Original Post: Here it is! A new lungo!!  I can’t wait to try the new Linizio pure Arabica from South America. Has anyone here tried it yet? If so, please leave a comment below. I’ll review it once my order arrives.

Nespresso Linizio Lungo


Now there are four permanent lungos: This new Linizio, Fortissio, Vivalto and Decaffeinato.
You can read the entire description on this Nespresso page.Nespresso announced the new lungo this week, and describes it as a “well-rounded blend made of Brazilian and Colombian coffee… The split-roasting gives a cereal, malty note typical for the Bourbon variety, while maintaining its mild and smooth character.”

Limited Edition Crealto Capsules

Nespresso Crealto Capsules

This espresso capsule is one of Nespresso’s limited editions; it registers at an 8 intensity. I’ve tried this capsule, and I found it pleasant and strong. Limited editions come out twice a year, in the spring and fall. This blend was introduced in the fall of 2012.

Here’s Nespresso’s description:

A blend of washed Arabicas, Crealto is roasted very slowly at a low temperature. This technique, inspired by the know-how of the Nespresso coffee experts and the chef Mauro Colagreco, reveals roasted notes of surprising roundness and long-lasting finish.

Origin: 100% Arabicas from Central and South America and Indonesia (El Salvador, Colombia, Indonesia)

Roasting: Split roasting. Salvador coffee is roasted at standard conditions to deliver the mildness of the profile while the Colombia and Java are coffees that can support longer roasting time without acquiring charcoal or burnt notes.

Aromatic Profile: Intensely roasted (with cereal sedy, malted and woody) notes.

Pack of 10  Order now from

[Note that these capsules are less expensive if you order directly from Nespresso. But, if you don’t have an account, or if you’re ordering from an iPad, this is difficult to impossible.]

50 Nespresso Capsules: Variety

50 Nespresso Capsules

Of course, there’s always a need to stock up on Nespresso capsules, right? So, we’ve added some here to make it easy. We know you can order from your Nespresso account, too, but if you’re in the mood, just click here and order through Amazon.

  • 5 boxes of 10 different varieties Nespresso capsules
  • One sleeve each of 10 Ristretto, 10 Livanto, 10 Arpeggio, 10 Capriccio, and 10 Roma

Order now from Amazon.


You can also order Peet’s Nespresso-compatible pods, which are less expensive and still pretty darn good coffee!

Also, if you find that your lungos or espressos are too weak, it might mean that the machine needs to be reset: You may want to calibrate your Nespresso machine’s settings.

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