Colorful, stackable espresso cups

Stackable Espresso Cups

This is the first cup I used with my first Nespresso shot. I’m sure you’re thinking it’s nutty to remember something like that, but that’s the truth. Of course, when you consider how vivid the colors of these espresso cups are, and the handy — and cute — stackable design, well, it’s easy to see how this can be memorable.

So, I had to track them down and make them available here.

These are ceramic espresso cups — too small for lungos, but of course, fine for espressos. They are 2.4″ tall, so there’s no problem fitting under the Essenza spout. They’re durable, but not cumbersome. Dishwasher safe.

See similar white stackable lungo cups here.

Set of 6 — $23.99

Available from Amazon.



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Eva Solo Lungo Tumbler

Eva Solo Lungo TumblerIt’s just hard to argue that the Danish know how to design. And they also tend to appreciate a good cup of coffee, which is why I suppose the designers created this elegant Porcelain cup that’s just the perfect size for a lungo: 230 ml, or 7.78 ounces.

There’s a silicone sheath to protect your fingers from the heat of the coffee. The cup is dishwasher safe, but Eva Solo recommends the sheath be removed before both can be placed in the dishwasher.

This cup is designed by Tools Design, a design studio in Copenhagen that’s received more than 60 design awards, and apparently has quite a following in Denmark. The founders, shown here, are Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk.

Available with brown, black or grey silicon sheath.

Tools Design Founders

Tools Design Founders

Set of 2 — $34.27.  Order from Amazon.

Norm Thermo Cup by Menu

Norm Thermo Cup by Menu

There’s a lot to like about this Scandinavian-design lungo cup.

• First, it’s a thermo cup, so it’ll keep your coffee hotter longer. Based on reviews at various sites,  most users say the outside stays cool enough to hold while the inside stays hot. That’s the idea, and it seems to work.

• It’s slightly over 3.5″ tall. That means it’ll sit under the spout of your Nespresso Essenza while your coffee dispenses, without you having to hold the cup and wait. But, it is just high enough that you’ll have to tilt the cup a little to get it under the spout, so it’s not a true clearance of the spout. [See this page for more details on the perfect lungo cup height.]

• It holds slightly over 7 ounces, which is about the preferred Nespresso lungo capacity. [Nespresso’s factory lungo setting is 3.75 ounces, which means this cup would be a little over half full — a comfortable capacity!]

Norm Designers

Norm Designers

• It’s Porcelain, so it feels nice to hold.

• It’s made by Menu, a Danish design company that’s come to be known for it’s useful and beautiful designs. The designers, Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn, strive to combine function and beauty. You can see a collection of the Norm line of designs at this page of items from Menu.

$24.95 for set of two.  Available from

Elegant Danish Design Coffee Cup

Royal Copenhagen Ole Coffee CupRoyal Copenhagen is one of Europe’s oldest porcelain factories, and this coffee cup comes straight from that legacy. The name of this cup is Ole, named after the designer, Ole Jensen, and like all of Royal Copenhagen products, it’s handmade of fine porcelain, but also dishwasher safe.

This cup holds 7 ounces, perfect for a Nespresso lungo.

From $60 for a set of 2 — Available from


Thai Palm Wood Coffee Cups

Thai Wooden Coffee Cups

I just stumbled upon these beautiful Thai wooden coffee cups and they seem custom-made for a robust lungo. They are only 2.25″ tall, so there’s no problem fitting under the spout of a Nespresso Essenza, and at 3.25″ diameter, I’m guessing these hold about 7 ounces. I’m hoping to hear from the supplier on the exact capacity. If any of you purchase these and can determine this, please let me know!

They are made from Thai palm wood that’s unvarnished with a smooth, food-safe finish. I think the creme from a lungo would look just great in these!

A set includes two cups, two saucers and two spoons.

$30.00 per set — available from

Review of the New Lungo — Linizio

My first Linizio Lungo

My first Linizio Lungo

Update March 2: After some ordering delays due to our Midwest snow storms, I’m finally this morning drinking my first Linizio Lungo. Before I tell you my thoughts, a disclaimer: I’m not a coffee aficionado. I just like coffee, especially Nespresso. Here’s what I think about the new lungo: While brewing, the aroma was just as compelling as any coming out of my Essenza. The first sip revealed a new flavor that I’d call slightly citric. It’s definitely light. Very light. My husband used the words “mild” and “smooth,” but he aslo wondered why this would be marketed as a morning blend, when he prefers a more stout coffee in the morning. Now finishing my first cup, I agree with my husband when he call it “watery.” It tastes like I might have pushed the espresso button after making a lungo, just to get more water in the cup. I know people who do this — push twice every time they make a Nespresso.

So, if you’re a two-push Nespresso drinker, or if you like your lungos light, then you might like this new Linizio. If we never order more, I’ll certainly miss the beautiful orange capsule — good color, Nespresso!

Original Post: Here it is! A new lungo!!  I can’t wait to try the new Linizio pure Arabica from South America. Has anyone here tried it yet? If so, please leave a comment below. I’ll review it once my order arrives.

Nespresso Linizio Lungo


Now there are four permanent lungos: This new Linizio, Fortissio, Vivalto and Decaffeinato.
You can read the entire description on this Nespresso page.Nespresso announced the new lungo this week, and describes it as a “well-rounded blend made of Brazilian and Colombian coffee… The split-roasting gives a cereal, malty note typical for the Bourbon variety, while maintaining its mild and smooth character.”